The project remains the focus of the company, intended as the engine of the actions that Venedia undertakes in the present and in the near future. Design not an end in itself but as an innovator of tradition and technology.

Made in Italy

The values and traditions that characterize our territory have been collected and rediscovered every day in order to offer an original and intelligible vision and manufacture of Made in Italy to the ample public.


Innovating means rediscovering the past, understanding it and re-proposing it with the modern tools of the project. Historic manufactories, timeless artisans and state-of-the-art companies work and engineer all our Venedia products.

Life style

Interpreting history, the salient features of a city like Venice and its vast territory means creating a thought, a way of doing and living that become Life Style.


The creative aspect is the transversal ingredient that transpires in all our project actions to transform intuitions, market needs and historical-cultural aspects into design.


The impact of our work on the environment around us is of fundamental importance and each of our projects examines all the most crucial aspects to respect the ecosystem, starting with the area in which we insist, Venice.